Chickken chop (+_=)





the police action against three activists of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf)
Birthday Ringgo
Birthday Sapto Adi Wibowo
Izzi Pizza
Johnny Restaurant Time Square
Chickken chop (+_=)
spend 24 hours
free parking haha
Blue teeth




The most delicious Chicken shop In the World.

Wake up so so late around 2 maybe. I start find my keys first because that is my office locker key and my house keys. I email ask Pton at office but it is not there. Finally I found it inside my bag pack; Im so stupid isnt it! Moreover I found my phone below my car sit!!!! OH my GOD. Thank GOD!!!  I have told my family that my phone is broken (I cannot tell them that I lost it because I lost many phones, they will bream me). I am so happy because of founding my thingsssssss..

I start charge the phone battery immediately, a lot of messages come. The first call is my friend, Ringgo ask me to go playing game online oh man I are you in Thailand? Difficult to contact Ha! We miss you a lot man! When go to play General man! See you at Syed 8pm section 2 okay! today is my off-day I do not to go out actually but for games of course I go.
Ringgo, my friend stay near my house just finished final exam so he is holiday for me I am off 3 days..

These are all Ringgos Mom cookies in my house. My aunties cookies are the best.

Chickken chop

I have to cook myself as I do not want to go outside. Let see how I cook chicken chop.

Chickken chop

I bought it from Jusco for long time but no time to cook. I have ice-cream.

Chickken chop

Put it into microwave to defrost first 

Chickken chop
Fry chicken, so hot man!

Chickken chop
Fry french-fried is more difficult than chicken.

Chickken chop
Heat up black paper sauce.

Chickken chop

It does not look like at the box. Isnt it! I hate after finish eating because I have to clean the kitchen. I am lazy I know.
Sleep for a wile and go plying GeneralYEH YEH.

Chickken chop
Reach cyber café around 9 something, 3 PCs please! zizol is at home

Chickken chop
Neos Magi GORANG + Neo + Ringgos ROTI CHESS
We have supper at Syed section 3, I like Roti chess that Ringgo order, it like Pizza Hut.



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Sat 17 Nov 2007 22:44 [1]

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