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My grand mom pass away today, my mom calls me all day but I cannot pick up my phone during working hour. I miss my family a lot.


My mom annoys me. I am terrible guy in my family, always missed funerals even my fatherI want to stay in Thailand, to stay close to them. My family always asks me to go back after I lost my left father. I just missed him yesterday, fathers day.


I have no friend at my hometown. I have to stay alone with computer game, vdo game or some toys in a quiet house near beach when I was there. I just start having friend when I work here. (The real living friends)




I will tell Pwoody tomorrow morning about going back.

 Grand MoM


I finish painting my F91 Gundam today, this may my best first after nobody wants me. Some parts I paint at office using working hour with nobody knows because I sit near Ptick panda, nobody sees us. These below are my Gundam photos; I cannot play right now because I have to prepare for going back Thailand tomorrow.


 Grand MoM

These are parts I make it at office.

 Grand MoM

My new Gundam  


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Yeah yeah.. Finally u can finish it
Tue 18 Dec 2007 22:46 [2]

hi there,
Sat 8 Dec 2007 18:52 [1]

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