2008 on 9th floor





Happy Birthday Pwoody....
ͺ ҡ ѹҧ
Back to Thailand,,,,,,
4 Generals a long at Subang...
I am late today almost one hour
2008 on 9th floor
Countdown Bukitbintang Kuala lumpur Malaysia 2007
Merry Christmas
Air Asia VS Malaysia Airline
(^o^)y Only one email for Thailand team.
Gashapon (^o) (/o^)/




2008 on 9th floor


Today I listen for call Malaysia Singapore and Australia at 9th floor. Here is bored because not many call today. I am unable to writing email in Thai, no Thai language in the computer. I sit near Sureena again after she has move to 9th floor for almost 1 month that she has been sent for support Malay and Singapore customers. I do not want to do this actually and I do not like ambiance here at 9th floor.


I have nothing to do here today so I can finish Quiz 5 sets on N82 so no need to expedite later.


I have test English call very exciting. (Do not understand what they want)


Though I can talk with Sureena down stair, I cannot talk with P'tickPanda up stair. One happy thing here is I can chat thru Lotus note with others.


At night I go to Yuhan's apartment for free diner. Food there yummy.......I will update with photos later on.


By the way I have got some of pictures on New Year Party at Hotel Maya on 28th Dec 2007 with my Thailand team that shows below.



 2008 on 9th floor

This is my team, Mercury.Nitnoi + Prim and  PTick Panda + Me + Jenny and Bird + Pwisit + Boom + Pwoody + Pton + PNoom + Down


 2008 on 9th floor

The Japanese food at hotel Maya.


 2008 on 9th floor

This is Nong Ticks show from Mercury.


 2008 on 9th floor

This is Anti Prim in traditional Thai clothes.


 2008 on 9th floor

 I get chocolates


 2008 on 9th floor

Happy New Year 2008.




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Դҵͧ... 价ȹ֡Ҵ ʹء...

ͧ SudOku ¹

Jeffrey :D   
Thu 3 Jan 2008 16:47 [5]

ͺҹ ҹ䴾Ԣͧҫ 55 ҹ͡͡ ѹһСԵ
Thu 3 Jan 2008 1:44 [4]

H@ppY nEw ye@r k@

Wed 2 Jan 2008 19:49 [3]

¹ ѹ˭ԧ 㨧ͧ͹ѡ
Wed 2 Jan 2008 17:54 [2]

Thx ka. Happy new year to you too ka...
Wed 2 Jan 2008 15:15 [1]

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